Cappuccino on Collins is a full service coffee bar. Our baristas make each drink to order. Enjoy any of the following common espresso based drinks or create your own by request.


In most coffee shops, a double shot is a default. It is served as espresso and used as a base for all espresso based drinks: lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites.


What makes Americano so popular is that it’s actually an espresso version of classic drip coffee. Americano is made by pulling a double shot and mixing it with 6oz of hot water. If you love drip coffee and big cups, Americano is perfect!


If you drink your coffee with milk, choose latte. Latte is made with a double espresso shot and a significant amount of steamed milk. It resembles the espresso taste, but it has nice creamy structure and softness. The proper coffee to milk ratio for a latte is: 1/3 of espresso and 2/3 of steamed milk. Here’s how to make a latte at home.


One of the most popular beverages in the USA. It is made from espresso and frothed milk. The main characteristic of cappuccino is its lovely, airy microfoam on top. Proper espresso to milk ratio for a cappuccino is 1:2.


Flat white is very similar to a latte but it’s not a latte. The flat white originated in New Zealand or Australia. The flat white has a little bit less milk than a latte so you taste espresso more, but it still has a sweet and creamy finish. It’s usually smaller than a latte.


Macchiato is prepared with espresso and just a little bit of steamed milk. This milk usually looks like a stain, and it is the reason why this coffee is called macchiato(macchiato mean stain or spot in Italian). If you love a strong cup of coffee, besides classic espresso and ristretto, this drink is a good choice.


Generally, Cortado has a bit more steamed milk than a macchiato. It’s really popular these days.


Ristretto is the most concentrated espresso drink. This beverage is simply a single shot of espresso. Ristretto is extracted in very short time and small water volume, so you get full aroma and flavor of each coffee bean. This coffee is very strong. Ristretto is still most popular in Italy.


Double espresso shot, chocolate syrup or cocoa, steamed milk and whipped cream. If you love chocolate, you will love mocha! Of course, this drink has a lot more calories than a regular latte or Americano.


I LOVE affogato! Affogato is espresso and ice cream! It is made from one scoop of vanilla ice cream and espresso coffee (single or double shot). It is a perfect choice if you like desserts in liquid condition.


Espresso con panna is an espresso with whipped cream. Simple, yet super tasty!


Breve is one of latte variations. Instead of steamed milk, Breve is made with half & half.


While Americano is made by first pulling a double shot and then adding espresso to hot water, Lungo is made by pulling a double shot of espresso with twice as much water. They are similar, but you can notice a difference in the taste.


The long black is prepared when you brew espresso in a cup of hot water. The taste is very similar to Americano, but with little more flavor. Long black has a nice cream on the top which is the main difference between these two beverages.


Red eye coffee is made when you pour espresso into a cup of regular coffee. Although it sounds interesting, I am not a huge fan. The most attractive thing about this coffee is its name.